PipeWiz is a simple but powerful hydraulics calculator which can provide answers to many commonly asked waterworks questions. Utilizing the Hazen-Williams equations, standardized for modern plastic and iron pipelines, you can determine residual pressures, flow rates, required pipe dimensions, velocities and other hydraulic elements. The calculator is a in an "equation solver" format which means that you can simply input the data which you know and/or require and the "unknowns" will be generated. The best way to become proficient with PipeWiz is to practice with simple, intuitive conditions and then adjust the numbers as you play "what if" games. If you discover a particularly challenging or suspicious result, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for assistance. Of course, critical applications should always be reviewed by a qualified professional engineer. Good luck and stay dry.

End of run (psi)
Source (psi)
Distance (feet)
Misc. Info
G.P.M. ft/sec 
ID (inches) total gal 
oz HTH 
Fall (feet) weight 


Remaining Psi at end of run Pressure Change over Run GPM available over a run ID required for flow and psi Max distance for conditions
psi psi gpm  "  feet
Must be greater than zero Must be greater than zero tells how much water you will get still with req'd end psi what size pipe to use Max distance and still get the desired flow and pressure.


  • Pipelines are presumed flowing full (no entrapped air, etc.)
  • H-W pipe smoothness factor appropriate for PVC, HDPE & lined ductile pipe.
  • No fittings, fixtures, bends or reductions are included in the system.
  • HTH calc is for 50ppm initial concentration. Residual depends on field conditions.
  • Note: Critical applications should always be reviewed by a qualified professional engineer.

Hazen-Williams Equation as utilized: PSI = Source - ((Dist x .001 x gpm^1.85 / ID^4.8655)-Fall) x .433