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Pump Products  
We offer a large variety of pumping equipment for residential and commercial applications. We also carry a full line of filters, tanks and packaged systems. Contact us for your next pump order.

Aermotor Submersible well, irrigation & booster pumps
Barnes Complete line of sump, sewage and effluent pumps for residential application
Flint & Walling Submersible well pumps
Goulds Submersible sump, sewage, effluent & grinder pumps
Hydromatic Submersible sump, sewage, effluent & grinder pumps
Liberty Pumps Submersible sump, sewage, effluent & grinder pumps
Little Giant Sump & fountain pumps
Myers Submersible sump, sewage & effluent pumps
Tsurumi Dewatering, sump & gas driven pumps
Burkes End suction standard and self-priming centrifugal pumps
Crown Designed for wastewater and construction dewatering
Deming Vertical column sump pumps, and horizontal and vertical solids handling pumps
Essco Vortex plus non-clog sewage pumps
Homa Vortex plus non-clog sewage pumps & grinder pumps
Liberty Pumps Sump, sewage and effluent pumps for engineered packages for commercial application
Prosser Portable submersible pumps for efficient, reliable dewatering
Weinman General industrial, municipal, commercial and building service pumps
Barnes (Muni Header) Pressure Sewer Systems & Solids Handling pumps

Anchor Scientific Level control float switches & alarms
Aquaworx Control panels
B/W Controls Solid state relays, level control equipment
Orenco Control panels & floats
Rhombus Control panels
SJ Electro Level control float switches & alarms

Containment Solutions Fiberglass tanks
Norwesco Polyethylene septic, pump & potable water tanks
Orenco Fiberglass tanks
Premier Polyethylene septic & potable water tanks
Welxtrol Captive air pressure tanks

Package Systems
Orenco Effluent treatment systems & accessories
Grinder Simplex or duplex assemblies
  ~Plus Sewage & effluent for single and multi-family service
Flowtronex Commercial water booster pump stations

Drainfield Materials
Advantex Onsite residential treatment systems
 ~Plus Sand filter liners, distribution boxes, pipe, valves & fittings
BioLine Netafim Drip
Orenco Drainfield Materials
Ring Industrial (EZflow) Gravel Sub
Treit Septic Filters
Tuf-Tite Septic Filter
Zabel Septic Filters

Campbell Martinson Slide Rail and Quick Disconnects
Cuno Water filtration
Cycle Stop Valves Flow Controls
Merrill Well accessories
Salcor Ultra-violet disinfection
Simmons Pump & well accessories, yard hydrants
Square D Pressure switches & Mag starters
VU-Flow Water filters

Arc Hancor
Arc Leachfield Chamber - ArcChambers2.pdf

Continuous Drip
Continuous Flush Headwork Sell Sheet - Pumper Show.pdf
Continuous Headworks Assembly.pdf
Continuous Headworks Assembly side view.pdf
Continuous Headworks Assembly top view.pdf
Flush line to pump tank.pdf
HD Fowler Co Continuous Drip Manual 4.0.pdf
HD Fowler Flow Inducer manual 2.0.pdf
No Tech Filter required.pdf
PF200511 pump curve.pdf
Picture of Headworks
Wastewater Design Calculator - 2010 v1.0.xls

Glendon BioFilters
Glendon BioFilters/Many pods w boards.JPG
Glendon Poly Basin Installation and handling Instructions.pdf
Glendon BioFilter Polyethylene Containment Vessel Approval.pdf
Hod Pod Drawing.pdf